Tribe of Co-Creatices

(A departure from past entries.  Inspired by a project I am working on to creatively express the world I want to birth/live in.  I’ve been working on a vision board. But, I’ve struggled with it feeling like it wasn’t even coming close to what I’d like the world to be.  Then, bits of the following narrative began to surface in my mind.  When I sat to write, it flowed out, almost as if of its own accord. May it serve as inspiration for you to join the Tribe and co-create the world you want.)

As I knelt before my altar, heart filled with doubt and trepidation about the future, the Dark Goddess appeared before me.

“Offer not your fears or those things you oppose. For I know what no longer serves this world and I have already lit the flames that will turn what is no longer helpful to ash. Instead, show me what you will stand for; what you will plant in its place.”

Unsure of what to say, I paused, my mind going into over-drive. “Oh, no, Child,” Kuan Yin said stepping forward. “Not from your mind. From here,” she said gently touching my heart, “And from here,” she touched my womb space. And with her touch these areas of my body began to glow. Soon the glowing became two beams of light that joined into one and projected forth onto a screen that appeared from the ether. Images and words began to flash across it as though someone was strumming the pages of a flip book.



(Solar panels and wind turbines)


(Shiva and Shakti locked in a balanced embrace)


(Community Gardens)

(Libraries of things)


Kuan Yin gently touched my shoulder, pausing the projection. “This is a good place to begin. But there is so much more —the depth of possibilities you have yet to even fathom. Gather your Sisters. Feel deep into your body. Braid and weave your visions together into something new. Plant the seeds of this future in a Garden of Hope. You are a Tribe of Co-Creatrices. The future is yours to birth.”

gaia_luminiShe then held an orb before my eyes. And as she began to softly chant the Gayatri Mantra, the orb began to pulsate. “Look closer,” she beckoned. “Look with the eyes of your soul.” It was then I could see it was more than an orb – it was a globe. No, it was earth. The living, breathing earth! And across every continent, women were gathering into Circles as in days of old. Some told stories while others listened. Some chanted. Some prayed. Still others sang or danced around fire. Their activities were different. Yet, the result was the same – each woman’s heart and womb space glowing, and then sending out beams of light that mingled and twisted in with that from the other women in their circle.

And from each Circle stretched a large piece of glowing cloth. It grew larger and larger until the edges of one group’s cloth touched the edges of another’s. And then appeared the Goddesses of weaving: Grandmother Spider Woman, Archanae, Neit, Iyamoopo and others. They took the edges in their hands and began to weave them together. And when they were finished, I could see that the world had been transformed.

With tears in my eyes, I placed my hands together at my heart and bowed to all the Goddesses gathered there. “Never doubt,” they said in unison. “You were made for this time.”

Blessed Be. Amen. So mote it be.


(If you know the name of the artist who created the picture at the top of the page, please let me know so I can credit them.)

4 thoughts on “Tribe of Co-Creatices

  1. this is so beautiful and heartfelt, it nearly takes my breath away…so glad you have joined us in the group. ❤ ❤ ❤


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