Just Show Up

“Just show up” is a message that’s been crossing my awareness for the past week.  I’ve read it in Facebook posts; heard it in podcasts; read it in books; and had it mentioned in a conversation with a friend. Many times the message has had the added caveat of showing up “as you truly are”. I think that’s an important addition. Showing up is good. But it is more powerful when you bring your whole self along for the ride.  Being that open, that vulnerable, can be uncomfortable. Maybe people haven’t seen all of you before.  I get that.  I have only recently begun to be more open about the spiritual path that I’m on. But that path influences so much of who I am that keeping it behind closed doors isn’t working.

“Just show up” can mean a lot of things depending on who you are and what you are called to bring to the world. A few examples:

  • Being fully present when you are with someone. Really listen to what they are saying instead of thinking about what you are going to say. If there is no conversation and you are just sitting together over a meal or taking a walk or waiting for an event to start, put away your electronic device and BE THERE.
  • Getting on your yoga mat and/or meditation cushion as often as you can
  • Calling or writing elected officials
  • Voting
  • Educating yourself by reading and listening to teachers live or via podcasts
  • Having conversations about important topics with trusted people
  • Praying
  • Attending protests or marches
  • Speaking up when co-workers, friends, or family members make comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. Doing so doesn’t require you to come at people like an avenging angel. How you approach it is going to depend on the situation and the person or persons you are calling out. It may be uncomfortable. It may spark conversation or it may not. There might be a price to pay for speaking up. But, there is also a price for silence. Only you know what prices you are willing to pay for each.
  • Being kind to strangers. Kindness is such a rarity in our world that it sometimes freaks people out. For years my husband has often paid the toll for the car behind him at bridges and various toll spots with a human toll collector. Sometimes people get it right away and acknowledge it with a wave as they pass by.  Some  completely ignore him as they pass.  And others, are so freaked out that they stay far behind him on the road as if this kindness was a sign of a deranged person.

Just showing up isn’t always going to be easy and you might not do it perfectly. Learn from those moments and do better the next time. be brave

For me, one thing “just show up” means is writing more often (without trying so hard to make what I write perfect). Spell check is a good thing. Proofreading to be sure I make sense is important. And sometimes, that is enough.

To help me write more often, I’ve started a FB page Deb Chymiak.  I’ll be sharing these blog posts there. But, I also want to share writing that doesn’t “need’ to be a blog post, as well as writing from others that I find inspiring or interesting. A common thread will be that all the writing shared there either uses the lens of the Sacred Feminine or is centered on values inherent in the Sacred Feminine/Feminine Energy.

Imagine a world in which more people keep showing up. What would that look like? How would things be different? How would you be different if you just keep showing up as you truly are?  How about we find out together?

show-up thanks


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