Black Women Do Not Exist To Save You

Yes! Yes! Yes! White women, we have GOT to do better. It doesn’t matter that you have gifts to buy and halls to deck. It doesn’t matter that you have political fatigue. Black Women have been in this fight for centuries. They will have no pity on us for being exhausted after one year of work. Stepping away from your news feed for a few days to “take a break” is the epitome of PRIVILEGE.

Yes, we should be grateful to the Black Women of Alabama for their votes. And we should show our gratitude by facing our white privilege and making sure that votes for Family Values includes values that truly do respect and protect Black lives.


In a narrow win, Doug Jones has won the Senate race in Alabama. And by narrow, I mean less than 50,000 votes.  So, before any of us break our arm off to pat ourselves on the back, remind yourself that this was a race between a man that prosecuted the KKK for the murder of 4 Black girls in a bombing at 16th Street Baptist Church and a man that is accused of being a pedophile. And it was still a narrow win.  Let that sink in. We are that far gone in America that people considered alleged pedophile Roy Moore a viable candidate for Senate. 

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