From Collision To Collaboration-From White Feminism To True Intersectionality

Yes, I am, once again, sharing Ms. Drake’s blog because what she is writing is important. There is no hope for lasting forward movement without acknowledging that too many white women (self included) weren’t paying enough attention.

Oh, you say you were? Then let me ask, “Did you know our country was still as racist as it is? Were you surprised that so few WOC participated in the Women’s March? Did you use your privilege to bring more awareness to what women of color were saying?”

No? Then please join me in the Good White Ally Recovery Program. This involves stepping out of your need to list all the ways you’ve been a good ally — basically the need to say, “not this white woman”. It involves listening to and amplifying the voices of WOC and doing so without tone policing their anger and frustration with us (as a group) coming late to the work. And most importantly, letting WOC lead.

Ms. Drake, I’m sorry. I’m listening.


The Merriam- Webster Dictionary defines the word collision as the coming together of two or more things with such force that both or all are damaged, or their progress is severely impeded.

On the E! Entertainment Golden Globes red carpet Tarana Burke responded about the #metoo movement as she stood next to Michelle Williams, “This moment is so powerful because we’re seeing a collision of these two worlds,” Then, Burke paused and said, “Collision’s probably not the best word. A collaboration between these two worlds that people don’t usually see put together and would most likely have us pitted against each other. So, it’s really powerful to be on the red carpet tonight.”

I believe that Burke actually said the correct word when she said collision. The outcome of the November 2016 election coupled with the sexual harassment epidemic of Hollywood has caused a collision of two or more things colliding with…

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