Join Me in Getting Attention to this Censorship

Social Media CENSORSHIP of people of color keeps happening. Contacting these platforms sometimes gets posts reinstated. Sometimes not. But NOTHING is being done to change the way social media community guidelines view these posts in the first place. We need to get more attention on this problem.

I have an idea that I’m posting below the screen shots of the latest censorship to happen.

M G 1

M G 2

Let’s see if we can get Joshua Johnson to do a show on this. His show is called 1-a. “With a name inspired by the First Amendment*, 1A explores important issues such as policy, politics, technology, and what connects us across the fissures that divide the country. “

The show gets a lot of story suggestions.  So, please help me amplify the call to address this problem by also submitting it as a story suggestion.

The link to suggest a story is:

You get 40 characters. Here’s one suggestion to use. But feel free to use your own 40 character version.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram consistently remove posts from POC who speak about white oppression (or ban them). They consider it hate speech




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