Dear White Allies, Stop Dangling Allyship in The Face Of Black People Like A Carrot

She calls out someone who basically said they are an ally UNTIL Trump is gone. That is not enough. Trump helped sh*t rise to the surface for all to see. But, he is not its source. If you allyship is only focused on 2018 and 2020, you are missing the point.


As someone that spends their life trying to improve the landscape of our humanity, I am always delighted when someone approaches me and tells me that they are an ally. If we desire for this world to be a better place, we will get there much faster if we realize that we can accomplish much more working together than apart. In fact, I am always baffled by people that exist in horrendous conditions that cannot see that it is not us that should be fighting one another, but in fact, our fight should be with the few that seek to keep their power and position by dividing the many.

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