Dominica Sharda

I haven’t written in a long time because I’m volunteering a lot. But, if you are still following me, please check out this post from Emergent Justice’s new blog.

Emergent Justice

Convicted Pressure was conceived of by Dominica Sharda, Freedom Fighter with Emergent Justice. She has been involved in every aspect of this project from concept to blog image design to selecting the people whose stories we will initially share. And so it is only fitting that the 1st Story we share be hers.

I am Dominica Sharda, a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan who is determined to rewrite my story. I was raised by my paternal grandmother and had a troubling upbringing that included sexual abuse and homelessness. By the age of 17, I was a single mother who struggled to stay focused and finish my senior year of high school. I was overwhelmed and had no sense of direction. My life quickly began to spiral out of control. While fighting for survival, I lost all awareness of myself. It was not long until I also lost touch with my family…

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