What is the Divine/Sacred Feminine?

I’ll start with a definition I came across not long ago and really like. It is the 3-Part definition put forth by Gemma Summers in her book, Meditate with Goddesses: A Guide to Healing and Awakening for Women.

1. The Divine Feminine is a term for the universal feminine principle, a principle expressed most clearly and powerfully through the cycles of nature and the processes of birth, death and rebirth.

2. The Divine Feminine also refers to the archetypal female journey, one made up of different phases of becoming, unbecoming and becoming again as a woman undergoes symbolic deaths and rebirths over the course of her life, acquiring new wisdom while letting go of outmoded ways of being.

3. Finally, the Divine Feminine is a name for the feminine face of the divine, represented culturally by different Goddesses throughout the world.

I would add a fourth, the expression of Feminine Energy/Feminine Consciousness by our human form.  While energy is neither masculine or feminine, its characteristics are often described as one or the other.  In Chinese Medicine it is the Yin/Yang.  Another way to think of it as complementary energies that need to be in balance. For example:



For too long, energies of the Feminine have been belittled and discounted. In an effort to prove women were as good as men, women repressed many of these energies.  To be taken seriously in the workplace, one had to put away intuition and emotions. To “get it done” women adopted the processes and structures men used. Rather than blending their Feminine attributes with those of the Masculine, the Feminist movement resulted many women completely loosing touch with this side of themselves.

Part of my exploration of the Divine Feminine has been to reacquaint myself with these lost parts of my self. Not in an effort to now quash the Masculine.  But, rather, to bring it into balance.