Nooks and Crannies

I really hate most of the activities related to keeping my house clean. I could say its the MS - that I don't want to spend my limited energy on these chores. But, the fact is I have always hated doing these things. My solution is that when I clean, I do mostly surface cleaning. … Continue reading Nooks and Crannies

Reflection on My Feet

Legs, feet, arms and hands propel the child-aged me up into the trees and away from the crazy inside my house. Branches -- tree-arms -- open wide in comfort; providing escape and safety. We move north to a home without an accessible tree. So now respite is found first, on feet shod in inexpensive sneakers … Continue reading Reflection on My Feet

Dear White Allies, Stop Dangling Allyship in The Face Of Black People Like A Carrot

She calls out someone who basically said they are an ally UNTIL Trump is gone. That is not enough. Trump helped sh*t rise to the surface for all to see. But, he is not its source. If you allyship is only focused on 2018 and 2020, you are missing the point.


As someone that spends their life trying to improve the landscape of our humanity, I am always delighted when someone approaches me and tells me that they are an ally. If we desire for this world to be a better place, we will get there much faster if we realize that we can accomplish much more working together than apart. In fact, I am always baffled by people that exist in horrendous conditions that cannot see that it is not us that should be fighting one another, but in fact, our fight should be with the few that seek to keep their power and position by dividing the many.

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Where WOC Lead, I Will Follow

Recently, I read two articles by African-American women in which they expressed frustration with white liberal women, particularly those who identify as feminist and/or spiritual, for giving mere lip service to the concept of intersectional feminism. The articles were : "Breaking Up with Intersectional Feminism" by Tamela J. Gordon and "Dear White Liberal/ Spiritual/ Yogi/ … Continue reading Where WOC Lead, I Will Follow

Sitting in a Cauldron of Magic

Last weekend I had the privilege of joining with more than 50 humans in the first ever Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute. In this number I include Adrienne Marie Brown, author of Emergent Strategy, Lex Draper, queen (in my opinion) of event planning (From Lex with Love Event Planning), Mama Linda, Lex's mama, who cooked up … Continue reading Sitting in a Cauldron of Magic

“You Gon’ Learn Today” – My Racial Bias Training

This is fantastic.


In light of the recent typical racist bullshit incident involving Becky, Holly Hylton, calling the police on two Black men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson in just 2 minutes of their arrival at Starbucks, the company has announced that it will be closing 8000 company owned stores on the afternoon of May 29, to provide racial bias training to 175,000 employees. This is to address the apparent racial profiling that happened while Nelson and Robinson were in the Starbucks waiting for a friend to discuss a business deal. Presumably, both men were waiting for their friend’s arrival before ordering, you know, like most people in the world. But because Black people seem to turn into the Incredible Hulk when doing everyday things like driving, walking, exercising, talking, jogging, eating, breathing, Heather took it upon herself to immediately call the police and put in a Code Red for Two…

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  You can't always get what you want You can't always get what you want You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes you just might find You get what you need. Songwriters: Keith Richards / Mick Jagger, You Can't Always Get What You Want lyrics © Abkco Music, Inc I … Continue reading You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Paying BIPOC for Their Online Work

It has taken me while to wrap my head around the concept of paying anyone for the posts and comments they make in a freely viewed space like Facebook or a blog. In the beginning, my thoughts were something like, "You want to get paid? Then why are you writing here?." It wasn't that I … Continue reading Paying BIPOC for Their Online Work