Time to Get Comfortable with Discomfort: A Calling-In of Other “Good Allies”

Welcome.  Welcome.  Please come in. My name is Deb and I'm a Recovering "Good Ally." By this I mean that for most of my adult life, I thought that being a white woman who didn't laugh at racist, homophobic or misogynist jokes (and depending on the situation might even say something), worked in nonprofits with … Continue reading Time to Get Comfortable with Discomfort: A Calling-In of Other “Good Allies”

“Not This White Woman”

Early in 2017 I began to diversify the voices I follow on Facebook.  (Yes, I should have done it sooner.) It started after reading posts and articles from women of color (WOC) who weren't going to the Women's March.  Before this I hadn't heard of the term "intersectional." As I've acknowledged, I am a white, … Continue reading “Not This White Woman”

Loving-Kindness as an act of Resistance

I've been practicing Loving-Kindness (Metta) Meditation several times a week since the election. Although I've considered it to be part of my activism, I only recently began to think of it as an act of Resistance. In this form of meditation, you send thoughts of kindness and well-being first to yourself, and then towards others … Continue reading Loving-Kindness as an act of Resistance

On Strike Critiques and Beating All Meaning Out of the Word “Privilege”

This blog from Kelly Hayes is important reading. The left is a diverse group with diverse interests. But, working TOGETHER is more important than ever. Divisiveness and constant criticism of each others’ efforts leads us no where. Whether she is aware of it or not, the approach to this fact is based in values of the Feminine.

Transformative Spaces

strike (Image: Aaron Cynic)

Today I am joining the #womensstrike. I have seen a lot of talk lately about how choosing to join the strike is a privileged decision. In my case, that’s true. I will not be penalized for missing a day’s work, because my publication’s leadership chose to support those who wanted to join the strike. To make a long story short, my workplace would not have the character that informed the decision to support us if our publication had not unionized in 2009. Truthout was actually the first online-only publication to unionize, and even though I didn’t work there at the time, I have always felt a bit of pride around that.

But to get back to privilege: Activism is expensive, and committed people give what they can. When I was only bringing in my intern’s stipend from Truthout, while also organizing full-time, losing any amount of pay…

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Tribe of Co-Creatices

(A departure from past entries.  Inspired by a project I am working on to creatively express the world I want to birth/live in.  I've been working on a vision board. But, I've struggled with it feeling like it wasn't even coming close to what I'd like the world to be.  Then, bits of the following narrative … Continue reading Tribe of Co-Creatices

Towards “Both/And” Thinking

Have you noticed how often choices in politics and policy issues are only presented as "either/or" decisions?  "We can do this OR we can do that." But rarely is the possibility of doing both offered. This form of thinking is based in the Masculine Energy aspects of individualism, independence, and competition.  It requires a winner and a loser. … Continue reading Towards “Both/And” Thinking