Resources for the Journey

Practices for Love and Compassion

Mothering the Earth

Take a deep breath and connect with this moment, with your body sitting here. Perhaps you can hear some sounds around you, perhaps you notice thoughts coming and going.

Allow yourself to just rest here for a moment.1f5fab1d0174696293c6d2b932313d0e

Now imagine that inside your chest is a tiny light, like a distant star in the evening sky. Let the breath move through your chest, increasing the light, making it stronger and brighter. Let the light fill your whole chest.

Now imagine the earth rotating inside your chest in the midst of this light. Let the earth and all its beings become soaked in the healing light of your heart.

Ardagh, Chameli. Embodying the Feminine (Kindle Locations 2188-2192).  . Kindle Edition.


Gayatri Mantra

My understanding is that this is a prayer for the world to awaken. There are several different versions of it should be chanted/sung. My personal favorite is this one from ShantiMay (possibly because it was my first introduction to the mantra).  The words appear on the screen.  I typed them up in big letters and used it to help guide me as I was learning. If this version doesn’t ring your soul’s bells, there are several other versions available on Youtube. Try them out until you find one that works for you.