Loving-Kindness as an act of Resistance

I've been practicing Loving-Kindness (Metta) Meditation several times a week since the election. Although I've considered it to be part of my activism, I only recently began to think of it as an act of Resistance. In this form of meditation, you send thoughts of kindness and well-being first to yourself, and then towards others … Continue reading Loving-Kindness as an act of Resistance

Towards “Both/And” Thinking

Have you noticed how often choices in politics and policy issues are only presented as "either/or" decisions?  "We can do this OR we can do that." But rarely is the possibility of doing both offered. This form of thinking is based in the Masculine Energy aspects of individualism, independence, and competition.  It requires a winner and a loser. … Continue reading Towards “Both/And” Thinking

Tending Your Fire

Recently, I've had several people say to me, "I can't. I'm just done." They are talking about the Election results and everything that has come with it. They are either emotionally overwhelmed or emotionally drained. Their fire has gone out. Some put so much effort into Hillary's campaign that they have nothing left.  Others, still … Continue reading Tending Your Fire